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Battle of the Bands

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Battle of the Bands
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On January 2, the University of Wisconsin Badgers faced off against the Auburn University Tigers in this year’s Capital One Bowl. Not only did the game bring together a Big Ten powerhouse and an S.E.C. force, but it also showcased two of the nation’s premiere marching bands. What made this game in Orlando, FL different from any other bowl game is that both bands performed on Getzen instruments. While the Badgers came out on top, both bands gave their fans something to be proud of.

The University of Wisconsin has used Getzen trumpets and trombones for years. Most recently, they purchased one hundred 900S Eterna Classic trumpets and seventy-five 351 trombones all in silver plate. This year, Auburn University purchased sixty-five 700S trumpets.

Both Wisconsin and Auburn purchased custom cases for their instruments. The cases feature each band’s logo embroidered on the outside and show off each of the school’s colors. Anyone seeing a member of the band on their way to practice will have no doubt where they play. Auburn also had the band’s logo etched on the bell of each trumpet adding that extra touch of school pride.

Both the custom cases and etching are available to any school looking to upgrade their marching band program. Not only does it provide the band with top notch, Getzen instruments, but also with that special touch on and off the field.

News From the Road

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

LTC Steve Florence

LTC Steve Florence, a surgeon with the US Army, proudly displays his new American Heritage Field Trumpet and BAA flag in front of a Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad, Iraq. Hooah!

Mike Vax Joins the Getzen Team

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Tom Getzen welcomes Mike Vax to the Getzen Family Tom Getzen welcomes Mike Vax to the Getzen Family

For more than forty years Mike Vax has wowed audiences with his trumpet playing, performing lead and solo work with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, the Clark Terry Big Bad Band, and the United States Navy Show Band. He’s had the chance to perform and/or record with such greats as Art Pepper, Al Grey, Freddy Hubbard, John Handy, The Glenn Miller and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras, and the list goes on and on. Through out all those years and during all those shows Mike has learned one major lesson. A great player needs a great trumpet and that is what he has found with his new Getzen Custom Series.

Together with Byron Autrey and the dedicated staff in the Getzen ProShop, Mike put into effect the design ideas that he thought would make a great trumpet. What he came up with is the all new, 3001MV Custom Artist Mike Vax Model trumpet.

This new trumpet is based off of the tried and true 3001 Artist Model with a few tweaks. The first, and biggest, is the new #172 hand hammered, one piece bell made of light weight gold brass. This combination creates a wonderfully rich and colorful tone with outstanding response and projection. This makes the 3001MV perfect for anything from solo work in small settings or lead play in large concert halls. The second new feature is the addition of a lower tuning slide venturi tube. This helps focus and concentrate airflow before it enters the valve section reducing turbulence and adding response.

Mike Vax at TMEAMike at the Getzen booth at TMEA

During his week long visit to the factory in Elkhorn, Mike had a chance to watch the skilled Getzen craftsmen at work. The most impressive thing to him was the people. As Mike put it, “It’s great to see instruments being built by hand again. To see actual people doing the work.” Mike had a chance to see the fruits of this labor himself when he play tested the entire Getzen line of small brass instruments. From top to bottom, the entire line of small brass impressed Mike, especially when he found out they were all production horns taken off the shelf. He was particularly surprised with the quality of the 390/490 Student trumpets. During this play testing, Mike decided that in addition to the new trumpet, he needed a new cornet and flugelhorn. After trying them all, Mike went with an 800 Eterna and prototype 3895 small bore flugelhorn with a gold brass bell.

All in all, Mr. Vax was very pleased with what he saw, heard, and played during his visit. And now that he’s had a chance to perform on the new trumpet, his audiences and band mates are pleased as well. Often taking the time to comment on Mike’s fantastic “new” sound. A great player has indeed found himself a great trumpet.

Here We Go Again

Sunday, July 11th, 2004

Almost 40 years to the day after setting the cornet world a buzz with the introduction of the first 800 Eterna cornets and just a few years after unveiling the 3850 Custom cornet, Getzen is proud to announce that “We’re doing it again.” This time, however, it’s not a new Bb cornet that’s being released. Instead, we are introducing the new 3810 Custom Series C and the 3892 Custom Series Eb cornets.

The 3810 and 3892 Custom Series cornets have many of the great features found on all Getzen Custom Series cornets and trumpets. Both feature hand spun bells, nickel silver balusters, world famous Getzen pistons, and both are covered by the Getzen Lifetime Platinum Warranty. The 3892 comes standard with a seamless copper bell similar to the standard bell found on the 3850 Bb. As with the 3850 Bb, the 3810 C and 3892 Eb cornets are built around the concept of being free blowing instruments with excellent intonation while maintaining the traditional “cornet” sound.

With the wide spread acceptance and popularity of the 3850 Custom Bb cornet, players began approaching us to fill a void in the industry. That void was the absence of a high quality, orchestral grade C cornet and a fine Eb suited for British style brass band players. Now, after months of design work and consultation with professional musicians and music professors, we are confident in saying that the void is no more.

Getzen Manufactures High Quality Field Trumpets

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

M2003EEveryday in America approximately 1,800 World War II veterans pass away. These brave men and women risked their lives to defend the land they loved. Yet, as many as 75% of these heroes will not be given the honor of having Taps sounded at their funeral by a live bugler.Bugles Across America is an organization dedicated to changing this distressing trend by rallying an army of volunteers dedicated to providing live buglers for sounding Taps whenever and wherever they are needed. However, despite this growing availability of buglers willing to perform this solemn duty, another problem arose. The surprising lack of an quality instrument on which they could properly perform Taps.

That is why the Getzen Company is proud to introduce the all new American Heritage Field Trumpets. Together with B.A.A. and several of its members, Getzen has designed an instrument specifically designed for honoring our veterans. Made in America, for Americans.

The Badger Band Gets More Getzens Yet Again

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

UW Receives Getzen Trombones
Mike Leckrone (l) takes delivery of the new trombones in custom Wisconsin cases from Tom Getzen (r).
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Following the order of 100 Eterna Classic trumpets a year ago, the University of Wisconsin Badger Marching Band continues their love of Getzen instruments with an order of 75 new Getzen trombones.

Mike Leckrone, the Badger Band director, took a break from early season band practice to receive the delivery of the 75 silver plated 351 trombones with Amado waterkeys. As with the Eterna Classic trumpets, each trombone included a custom soft sided case in Badger crimson with the band’s logo embroidered on the outside of the case. In addition, Mr. Leckrone ordered several soft briefcases matching the cases for use by his assistant directors.

Any high schools or universities interested in Getzen instruments in custom cases featuring school colors and logos can contact the Getzen Company at 800-366-5584 or via our contact form for more details.

University of Wisconsin Takes Delivery of New Eterna Classic Trumpets

Saturday, November 9th, 2002

UW and Getzen
Mike Leckrone (left) eagerly accepts new Eterna Classic trumpets in UW’s custom cases from Tom Getzen
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The University of Wisconsin Badger Marching Band recently accepted delivery of over 100 new 900 Eterna Classic trumpets all in silver plate. Each trumpet also included a specially manufactured soft sided case made in Badger crimson and sporting the University of Wisconsin Marching Band’s logo embroidered on the outside.

“We are proud to continue to be part of the Badger Bands trademark sound” said Tom Getzen, President and owner of the Getzen Company, Inc. He also noted, “The Badger Band has been using Getzen silver plated trumpets, trombones, and flugelhorns for several years and it is always a thrill to hear our instruments being played by a band of this caliber.”

Getzen 900 Eterna Classic trumpets are a return to the original 900 Eterna trumpet design made famous in the sixties and seventies. Each features a .460″ bore valve set, nickel silver mouthpipe, nickel silver slide tubes, a two piece 4 3/4″ diameter yellow brass bell, a first slide saddle, and a third slide adjustable ring.

World Class Brass Band Joins Getzen

Friday, April 12th, 2002

Doc Severinsen
Göteborg Brass Band with their new 3850 Custom Series Cornets
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When the Göteborg Brass Band stepped off the bus in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for their Midwest USA Tour, they were attempting something that many groups would not think of trying. They were receiving an entire new set of Getzen Cornets. This in itself is not so daring but deciding to leave their old cornets back in Sweden was. After spending time testing the instrument, principal cornetist Victor Kisnitchenko decided that the Getzen cornet significantly outperformed their current cornets and wanted the band to play them as soon as possible. Göteborg’s Brass Band Director, Bengt Eklund, also believed “the quality of sound in the new Getzen would greatly improve the concept of sound for the entire ensemble.”

The Göteborg Brass Band recently won the 2001 Swedish National Championship. Mostly made up of professional musicians and very highly skilled amateurs, the brass band has been in existence since 1982. Founded by its director Bengt Eklund, the brass band quickly gained an international reputation by participating in orchestral festivals and contests. These successes paved the way for new concert tours, which have encompassed four continents. Göteborg Brass Band has held the position as Swedish Champions for many years (as recently as 2001) but the band’s greatest success came in 1988 when it won the World Brass Band Championship and Entertainment Titles in Australia.

Doc Severinsen
Bengt Eklund

With a wide variety of musical genres (from Mozart’s Magic Flute to Thelonious Monk’s ‘Round Midnight) the brass band dazzles all who listens. Their Midwest tour took them through most of the state of Wisconsin and Minnesota. They were one of the spotlight performances at the Wisconsin Music Educators Convention in Madison where they amazed the audience. There were countless comments about their performance during the remainder of the conference. Most felt it was the highlight of the conference. Getzen is proud to be associated with such a world class organization. In Summer of 2002 the brass band will be receiving a set of Custom Series Trombones which they are awaiting anxiously.

Bengt Eklund, former trumpeter of the Göteborg Orchestra, and currently Professor at the School of Music and Musicology, Göteborg University and Professor of Trumpet at the Norwegian State Academy of Music in Oslo. He held the position of President of the European International Trumpet Guild from 1994-2000. His inspiration has lead the brass band to four CD’s – World Champions, The Magic Flute, Versatile Reality, and Ambassadors of Brass.