As a “thank you” for our donation of the piccolo trumpet to Brandt Brass, Steve Chenette sent us several photographs and two videos.  The photographs show the band receiving the piccolo and rehearsing.  The videos are from two Russian television news programs discussing the band and their new trumpet. The above clip is from Channel IST.


When Brandt Brass was taking part in international festival of brass music in Germany it was noticed by American trumpeter Gary Mortenson.  When the ensemble felt the need for a piccolo trumpet, Gary offered to help them.  The instrument they received was a gift from Brett Getzen himself from the American firm, Getzen. 

The musicians had to wait for a few months to get the piccolo.  To ensure safe delivery of the trumpet to Saratov it was brought by Stephen Chenette, the ex-president of the International Trumpet Guild.

Steve Chenette:
“It’s a special trumpet that is only half as big as a regular trumpet.”

Vitaly Ivanychev:
“Wonderful instrument!   We dreamt of it!  We are very happy that now we have it in Saratov.”

The ensemble Brandt Brass is young group, but it has already given concerts in Germany, Thailand and has many invitations from other countries. The appreciation of the musicians from other countries shows the high performance level of the Saratov ensemble.