As a “thank you” for our donation of the piccolo trumpet to Brandt Brass, Steve Chenette sent us several photographs and two videos.  The photographs show the band receiving the piccolo and rehearsing.  The videos are from two Russian television news programs discussing the band and their new trumpet. The above clip is from Channel Russia.


On the stage we see Brandt Brass, the only musical group in Russia that works as a ten piece brass ensemble.  They are the participants of many international brass festivals and now they are also the owners of a unique instrument.  A gift to them from the International Trumpet Guild and Brett Getzen of the Getzen Company.  The gift of a piccolo trumpet.

This instrument is a sensation of the musical life of our city.  So expensive an instrument is only in a few Russian cities.  The audience of Saratov can now enjoy the sound of piccolo trumpet.

Brandt Brass took part in the ITG conference in June 2005, Bangkok, Thailand. The audience was applauding and standing after the concert. The most recent articles we can find call the ensemble unique and astonishing! Thanks to this high appreciation and respect of the international trumpeters, the ensemble was able to get the gift from ITG and Getzen.

Oleg Abramov:
“We had limited repertoire till now, because the baroque and renaissance musical masterpieces should be performed on the characteristic instruments of that time, such as piccolo trumpet.  It enriches the blending of the Brandt Brass.  Playing on the modern instrument is sometimes dull and similar in sound.  Plus - our trumpeters now have an opportunity to practice the instrument.” 

But that wasn't the end.  Stephen Chenette also gave instrument kits and money for the ensemble collected by the American trumpeters so that Brandt Brass could write their own CD.

Stephen Chenette:
“One of the reasons I like Russian musicians and Russian music is the passion and the emotion that comes through.”