Custom Series Small Brass Tour

Interested in hosting a Small Brass Tour event? Let us know.

So what is the Custom Series Small Brass Tour (SBT)? It is the perfect opportunity for Getzen dealers to showcase the full line of Getzen Custom Series small brass instruments in their own store and at no obligation to them.

Each tour date will feature the following instruments (depending on availability):

  1. Six professional Bb trumpets (models 3001, 3001LE, 3003, 3050, 3051, & 3052)
  2. Three professional C trumpets (models 3070, 3071, & 3072)
  3. Three professional cornets (models 3850 Bb, 3810 C, & 3892 Eb)
  4. One professional small bore flugelhorn (model 3895)
  5. One professional four valve Bb\A piccolo trumpet (model 3916)

This full set of instruments will be available through out the scheduled date to provide local musicians with the opportunity to play test each and every one. In addition, each event will feature several door prizes and giveaways provided by Getzen; i.e. t-shirts, CDs, caps, tuners, Gig Bag cases, Kelly mouthpieces, etc. Also, the event will be attended and managed by the local Getzen District Manager there to answer product questions.

Dealer Incentives

There are several added incentives to Getzen dealers for participating in the SBT program. The biggest being:

  1. Getzen will supply full color, 6" X 9" printed postcard invitations to each dealer hosting an event to be sent to local musicians and educators. There is a quantity limit of 500 postcards to each individual dealer. Any amounts after that are available, however the dealer is responsible to cover the cost of printing. Approximately $ .27 per card. The postcard explains the details of the SBT. Each also has blank spaces for the hosting dealer to fill in the time and date of the event as well as the store name and location. Addressing the postcards and providing the postage is the responsibility of each dealer.
  2. Getzen will supply each participating dealer with a new Getzen Custom Series wall banner and Custom Series display\counter pad at no cost.
  3. All SBT dates and locations will be prominently advertised on In addition to this listing, there will be a form for musicians to fill out requesting more information on the SBT and to request one in their area.
  4. The SBT program will be a featured part of Getzen's print advertising as well as the Getzen Gazette in order to build additional hype and demand.
  5. Most importantly, all participating dealers will receive an additional 5% discount on all Custom Series small brass instruments (those listed above) ordered from Getzen on the date of and up to 14 days after the scheduled event.

Dealer Requirements

The only dealer requirement to participate in the SBT program is to be a stocking Getzen Custom Series dealer. This means that the store in question has in stock or on order at least two pieces of Custom Series small brass (trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns) and at least one Custom Series trombone.

Other benefits of being a stocking Custom Series dealer:

  1. Special listing on dealer pages.
  2. Opportunity to be featured dealer in upcoming editions of Getzen Gazette.
  3. Possibility of adding Custom Series small brass instruments to fall dating (see District Manager for details)

Getzen Custom Series Small Brass vs. Competitors' Professional Instruments

Getzen Competition
Limited/Exclusive dealerships; Lower local competition equals higher profit margins Practically unlimited dealerships; the saturated market leads to paper thin profit margins
No internet or mail order sellers to compete with. Internet and mail order catalog sales that further erode local dealer margins.
Constantly improving models, quality, and handmade consistency. Declining quality and drastic manufacturing variations.
Reputation for having the best trumpet valves in the industry. Continued use of inferior monel pistons and poor manufacturing processes opting for production speed rather than finished product quality.
Transferable lifetime valve warranty on all Getzen piston instruments. 1-5 year valve warranty; generally non-transferable
Custom Series Platinum Warranty: Lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. 1-5 year warranty on all parts and defects in workmanship and materials on entire instrument.
Small, family owned company with consistent management as well as 65 years of experience and family tradition in the industry. Large companies with many layers and constant turnovers of management. Bean counters — not horn makers.
Willing and able to work with dealers on specialty products; Custom cases, custom dealer etching, dealer specific models, etc. Too large for the personal touch. Unwilling to do special projects unique to specific dealers.
Known for excellent customer service and support. Reputation for poor customer service.
100% American made Offshore student line production; Offshore
production of upper line components.