An Exciting New Partnership

Willi Kurath and Tom Getzen

Tom Getzen, right, welcomes Willson President Willi Kurath to the Getzen Company in Elkhorn

An exciting new era has begun with the creation of a new partnership between the Getzen Company, Inc. and Willson Band Instruments of Switzerland. Following a very productive visit from Willi Kurath in September, Getzen is pleased to announce that it will be the new United States distributor of Willson band instruments. Particularly, Willson’s stellar line of tubas, euphoniums, French horns, and other background brass.

“This is an exciting time for both companies,” commented Tom Getzen. “The partnership of two storied, family owned businesses should be a refreshing change of pace in an industry filled with corporate giants and takeovers these days.”

Beginning October 1, 2007 Willson instruments will be available for sale by Getzen District Managers. Anyone interested are encouraged to contact the Getzen Company at 1-800-366-5584 or via email at The full line of Willson instruments can also be seen by visiting