Top 32 Announced for Ian Bousfield Tenor Trombone Solo Competition

Congratulations to the top performers in the Ian Bousfield Tenor Trombone Solo Competition! The winner has been announced.

And thank you to all who submitted videos. It has been incredible seeing the number of dedicated trombone players from around the world.

We accepted the top 30 scores into the finals, but there were some ties, so 32 performers made the list. Congrats again!

Finalists (in no particular order)

  • Simon Prieur-Blanc
  • Jón Arnar Einarsson
  • Caleb Slabaugh
  • Nicolas Pistidda
  • João Teixeira
  • Tobias Larson
  • Levi Boylan
  • Elai Grisaru
  • Alberto Bonillo Loas
  • João Mendes Canelas
  • Guiseppe Fu
  • Gonçola Nova
  • So Wonhyung
  • Buda Gulyás
  • Benny Vernon
  • Connor Rowe
  • Nicolas Gonzalez
  • Diogo da Costa Fernandes
  • Gemma Riley
  • Theo Swanson
  • Drik Vanmanshoven
  • Meggie Murphy
  • Isobel Daws
  • Hannah Stell
  • Mustafa Klalilov
  • Shonn Olegario
  • Connor Altagen
  • Léonard Pineault Deault
  • Anthony Cosio-Marron
  • Gracie Potter
  • Niels Jacobs
  • Tim Ouwejan