Getzen Introduces the 4047ET “Enzo Turriziani” Custom Reserve Tenor Trombone

It’s a blessing to be able to work with the best musicians in the world on a regular basis. Getting to know the feel and sound of a professional player (and their hall) normally requires a lot of guesswork. Listening to recordings of the orchestra can help, but nothing can replace standing in front of the player and hearing their music firsthand in order to figure out what is best for their needs.

Years ago, Enzo Turriziani, principal trombonist of the Vienna Philharmonic, and I began working together in Italy where he play tested mouthpieces and instruments. His peers and I listened, helping him make choices that he would later test in his concert hall. Knowing that it’s difficult to make changes during a performance season, we again connected in 2021. The groundwork we laid in 2014 was vital to the process. We adjusted equipment and shipped it to Vienna so he could play it in his home environment. The result is the 4047ET “Enzo Turriziani” Custom Reserve Tenor Trombone, an instrument that creates the sound Enzo had always imagined.

This is not the first Getzen to be used in the Vienna Philharmonic. We are thankful for the trust every musician puts in our hands, and we value the feedback you give us to help create these inspired instruments. We are proud to present the new 4047ET.