Ian Bousfield Visits Getzen

Learning to save my money has been a work in progress for some time. I would love to be able to have a safety net to bail me out at any time, just in case. So far, I have been doing well. Now, this is in the financial aspect, of course, but for some reason, I never implemented this technique into my trombone. Not with the horn itself, but with my embouchure. If you had asked me a year ago I would have had zero idea of what that would mean. However, it made perfect sense after listening to Ian Bousfield break that down and relate it to the trombone. This was only one of the many valuable subjects that Ian discussed during his visit in an interview with Christan Griego. Sitting in the room during this interview, I learned so much about Ian and how he navigates the trombone and other aspects of his life.

During the interview, Ian and Christan discuss the 2023 updates to the 4147IB Custom Reserve model. Other topics mentioned throughout their conversation include Ian’s playing techniques, what it means to be a professional, and knowing your sound.

Whenever play testing an instrument, the player expects a certain “feel” while playing. This is an important aspect as a musician, but it is not the full picture. What ultimately matters is the product heard on the other side of the bell. If a horn feels and sounds fantastic to the player but does not reach an audience member with a clear and emotional sound, then what is the point? Having a trusted set of ears or a recording device set at varying distances away from the player will help musicians understand the sound being produced.

Look forward to seeing Ian perform worldwide and stay tuned for his upcoming recording.