An interview with Peter Ellefson

From auditioning in the 80s, to going back to school for his doctorate-only to win a job in Seattle, to teaching at Indiana University. Pete has had an incredible journey so far with teaching and subbing in the top orchestras like the Chicago Symphony and the New York Philharmonic. Christan was able to sit down with Peter Ellefson and go through how he got to where he is today. 

Peter and Christan talk about the importance of focused practice and how it can separate those who will make it from those who won’t. They discuss how crucial the second trombone in the orchestra really is and how a consistent instrument makes all the difference.  

We were lucky to have Peter’s insight when we were developing the 4047DS. We knew then that the key to a successful instrument is being able to manufacture consistent horns with a consistent sound. Over the years we were able to improve manufacturing techniques and have made an even more reliable instrument with the 4047ET.

As the proud owner of not one but three 4047ET tenor trombones, it is safe to say Peter is a big fan.