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About Getzen

Getzen ca. 1955

For many, a visit to the Getzen factory has been both entertaining and educational. A rare chance to see the inner workings of an instrument manufacturer and to see exactly what goes into building some of the best instruments available today. Unfortunately, a factory visit and tour cannot be a reality for every person that wants one. The next best thing is a virtual website tour.

Here you can venture inside the Getzen Company. There is a detailed account of the company’s founding and continued growth in the history section. An informative collection of production videos showing the most interesting steps and processes used to build each and every top quality Getzen instrument in factory videos demonstrates the incredible amount of labor and skill required to do what we do best. Our Buyer’s Guide offers great information for parents looking to purchase instruments for their children. Finally, our FAQ page will answer many of your questions about our company and products.