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3892 Eb Cornet

Getzen 3892 Eb Cornet

Following the increased popularity of the 3850 Bb cornet with brass band players, the Custom Series line was expanded to offer an outstanding new Eb cornet.

The all new 3892 Custom Series Eb cornet is a perfect addition to the Custom Series line. It includes the same great features players have come to expect from Getzen professional small brass, such as nickel silver balusters and seamless or one piece bells. The 3892 comes standard with a 4¾” seamless copper bell similar to that found on the 3850 Bb. In addition, the 3892 offers a revolutionary new idea in tuning bit design. Each 3892 comes standard with two different tuning bit/leadpipe tubes. One tube provides a more traditional British Brass Band style of sound while the other offers a slightly brighter, more American sound. All of this together combines to make the ideal Eb cornet for every playing style or situation.

Hand lapped nickel silver
Gold Brass
4¾” seamless copper bell
Intonation Aids
First slide saddle, third slide ring
Choice of two tuning bit/leadpipes:
» A Pipe = American Sound
» B Pipe = British Brass Band Sound
4B Cornet
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
4¾” Yellow Brass Bell
Lever Waterkeys
Bright Silver Plate
Hand Engraving
Custom Etching Available