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Mail Bag

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Dear Getzen,

Here are pictures of my son, Will Parker, playing his American Heritage Field Trumpet for the first time at a funeral.

Will has been playing Taps since the seventh grade for local funerals. He is now a tenth grader. The field trumpet was my gift to him this past Christmas. Up until then, he had been playing a Bach trumpet. The field trumpet sounds awesome.

Thanks for offering such a fine instrument to the Bugles Across America bunch. It will always be special to him.

Gina Parker
(Will’s mom)

Will Parker
Will Parker (fourth from left) pictured with a United States Marines funeral detail. Will is a member of Bugles Across America and has been performing Taps for over three years. This was the first of many to come using his new M2003S American Heritage Field Trumpet. Thank you for all you do, Will.

Mail Bag

Saturday, March 19th, 2005

Ray Banks
Young bugler and Eagle Scout Ray Banks proudly shows off his new M2003ES American Heritage Field Trumpet.
(Click image for larger view)

Dear Getzen,

My son Ray Banks had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on September 10, 2004. You may remember Ray from the NBC news story last veterans day about his Eagle Scout project working with Bugles Across America.

Out of his efforts, the Cadet Corps of Bugles Across America was formed. To help Ray celebrate his accomplishment we, his parents, presented him with a silver plated American Heritage Elite field trumpet with the BAA logo etched on the bell. He was thrilled to say the least and was able to use it for sounding Taps at his first funeral since his Court of Honor ceremony.

Altogether he and the squad of young buglers he recruited have sounded Taps at close to 40 funerals in the past year. In addition, they have played at many other patriotic functions and events in the area.

Thank you,

Bryce Banks
Greeley, CO