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Getzen Gazette

Inspecting Brazed Trumpet Valves
After trumpet valves are brazed, each one is carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality. Larry has been doing this for years and has a keen eye for details.
Drawing Brass Tubes
Our fab department supervisor has been with us for 20 years. Here he is showing how we draw our brass tubes.
Strapping a Trombone Bell
Remember Alfredo from last week? Well, after he spins the bells, he straps them. These are just the beginning stages of a long production line for our trombone bells.
Forming a Trombone Bell Flare
In this video, Jeff shows us how he takes trombone bell flare templates and forms them into bell flares. Jeff has been a part of the Getzen family for over 48 years. We are grateful for his decades of loyalty...
Interview with Ian Bousfield
The two people most responsible for the 4147IB sat down recently to discuss how this instrument came to be. It’s a great interview that shows just how much collaboration went into this build. Enjoy!
Lightning Can Indeed Strike Twice
First came the Getzen Custom Series trombone line in 1992. Born of five years of success with the Edwards Instruments line of trombones, the new Custom Series trombones took the industry by storm. They quickly became some of the most...
A Peek Behind the Curtain
Last March I traveled to Frankfurt, Germany to visit with distributors and dealers at the annual Music Messe. While there I had my night of fun with an old friend, who happens to be a trombone player (yeah, we run...
Introducing Ian Bousfield
Ian Bousfield has been at the top of his profession for more than a quarter of a century, excelling in more facets of the music business than perhaps any other trombonist of his generation. His stellar career has included playing...