700SP Bb
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Bb Trumpet
This model has been discontinued.

Bore Size:

Hand lapped nickel silver

Yellow brass

4¾" seamless gold brass

Intonation Aids:
First slide saddle, adjustable third slide ring

7C Trumpet

Finish (click for photos):
Bright silver plate only

Getzen Gold Warranty
Lifetime Valve Warranty

700SP Accessory

24K Gold Plate Trim Kit

700SP Special

The 700 Special is a perfect alternative for those seeking something more than a student trumpet, but don’t want to pay intermediate or professional trumpet prices. While not a high level instrument, it is much more than the typical step up horn.

All 700 Series instruments are limited production and are only offered at a limited number of Getzen dealers. Please contact the Getzen sales department to find the 700 Series dealer near you.