3052 Bb Custom
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Bb Trumpet

Bore Size:

Hand lapped yellow brass
Round crook tuning slide

No. 125R yellow brass (reverse leadpipe)

No. 137 hand hammered one piece, yellow brass

Intonation Aids:
First slide saddle, third slide ring

1C Trumpet

Finish (click for photos):
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate

Getzen Platinum Warranty
Lifetime Valve Warranty

3052 Options

No. 125 Leadpipe
Lightweight Yellow Brass Bell
Lever Waterkeys
1st Slide Trigger
Standard (.459") Bore
Bright Silver Plate
Hand Engraving
Custom Etching Available


Square Crook Tuning Slide
Round Crook Jazz Tuning Slide
24K Gold Plate Trim Kit

3052 Bb Custom

The 3052 features a .462" large bore, a #125R reverse mouthpipe, and a round crook tuning slide in addition to a #137 one piece, hand hammered yellow brass bell, providing a trumpet ideal for commercial and big band players that like a very free blowing instrument. The optional #172 light weight, yellow brass bell will significantly brighten the sound and increase the trumpet's responsiveness. Adding a square tuning slide will allow the trumpet to slot tighter and add more stability in the extreme upper register without jeopardizing its freeness. For those wanting a bit more resistance, the options of a .459" bore or a standard leadpipe setup are available.