940 Eterna Piccolo
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940 Eterna Piccolo
Piccolo Trumpet

Bore Size:

Hand lapped nickel silver

Blackburn trumpet shank Bb and A leadpipes *

3 5/8" two piece short, open bend, yellow brass

Intonation Aids:
Fourth valve for alternate fingering 1-3 valve combinations

7C Trumpet

Finish (click for photos):
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate

Getzen Gold Warranty
Lifetime Valve Warranty

940 Options

Straight Fourth Valve Slide
Bright Silver Plate
Hand Engraving
Custom Etching Available


24K Gold Plate Trim Kit

940 Piccolo

The Eterna 940 (short model) Piccolo has been in the Getzen line for many years. It offers a free-blowing feel with excellent intonation. It is constructed in the Getzen Pro Shop and comes standard with a cornet shank receiver. (A trumpet shank receiver is offered as an option.) The piccolo trumpet is regarded as a dependable tool for Baroque literature and specialty music.

* Only instruments newly ordered and shipped from the Getzen Company will include the new Blackburn leadpipes. Piccolos already in dealer inventory may not include the leadpipes. It is recommended that retail customers confirm that any 940 Eterna in question is indeed a new instrument with the Blackburn pipes and not old stock. Getzen is not responsible for furnishing Blackburn leadpipes to players purchasing instruments sold to dealers prior to the introduction of the leadpipes.