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390 Bb Trumpet

Getzen 390 Bb Trumpet
This model has been discontinued.

Getzen 300/400 Series Trumpets have been used by many generations of beginning brass players. Although they are entry level instruments in the Getzen product line 390 and 490 Trumpets are far more than what other manufacturers consider “student line” instruments. Both models feature nickel silver inside slide tubing and hand spun, seamless bells with wire reinforced rims making them durable enough to stand up to the demands of a classroom setting.

In addition to the features listed above, 390 Trumpets come standard with nickel silver mouthpipe tubes that prevent corrosion, as well as seamless yellow brass bells. 390 Trumpets are also built around nickel plated, nickel silver pistons that are made to the same quality standards as the top line Getzen instruments.

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Buyer’s Guide

Hand lapped nickel silver
Nickel silver
4¾” seamless yellow brass
Intonation Aids
First slide saddle, adjustable third slide ring
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
Lever Waterkeys
Bright Silver Plate
Custom Etching Available