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3001 Artist Model Bb Trumpet

Getzen 3001 Bb Trumpet

The 3001 Artist Model trumpet was designed with a very specific type of player in mind. The 3001 features a #125 mouthpipe and a #137 one piece, hand hammered bell of yellow brass mounted to a .459″ bore valve set. Both the bell and the mouthpipe undergo a special heat treatment and annealing process. This combination works to create a brilliant tone with outstanding projection. The Artist Model trumpet provides a responsive feel along crisp articulations making it very attractive to players from the jazz, commercial, and lead arenas of play. For those players seeking a more open feel, the addition of the round crook tuning slide will open up the horn, adding more freeness to its blow without comprising the trumpet’s responsiveness.

Hand lapped yellow brass
Custom yellow brass
No. 137 hand hammered one piece, yellow brass with special heat treatment
Intonation Aids
First slide saddle, third slide ring
Bright silver plate with gold plated trim
Custom Etching Available
Round Crook Jazz Tuning Slide