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3070 C Trumpet

Getzen 3070 C Trumpet

The same design theories and customization options found in the new line of Custom Series Bb Trumpets can also be found in the all new Custom Series C Trumpets. With three standard model configurations and a variety of available options, every player can build the perfect C Trumpet to meet their specific needs.

The 3070 Model offers a free blowing trumpet with a brilliant sound that makes it ideal for classical musicians with a focus on orchestral playing. With the standard setup the 3070 provides an even blowing feel with excellent intonation. Add the optional reverse leadpipe and the player can achieve a broader feel with a darker sound.

All Custom Series C Trumpets feature nickel plated, nickel silver pistons, nickel silver balusters, nickel silver outside slide tubes, and one piece, hand hammered yellow or gold brass bells. All three models also feature the choice of either clear lacquer, bright silver, or 24K gold plate finishes as well as several other available options and accessories.

Hand lapped yellow brass
Square crook tuning slide
No. 125 yellow brass
No. 29 hand hammered one piece, yellow brass
Intonation Aids
First slide saddle, third slide ring
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
No. 125 Reverse Leadpipe
Lever Waterkeys
1st Slide Trigger
Large (.462″) Bore
Bright Silver Plate
Hand Engraving
Custom Etching Available
Round Crook Tuning Slide