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900DLX Eterna “Deluxe” Bb Trumpet

Getzen 900DLX Bb Trumpet

Designed for the professionals that desire an easy blowing instrument with wonderfully rich, brilliant tones. The uniquely crafted copper bell combines the fine tonal color you would expect, with unusual flexibility and powerful ease of play not typically seen on a copper bell trumpet.

900DLX Case

A special instrument deserves a special case. Sturdily built with brass hardware and a rugged, wooden body. The styled interior is fully padded and blocked for maximum protection. Handsomely bound and covered in high grade, vegan leather, and fabric. A design inspired by the gladstone cases of the past.

Getzen Eterna Deluxe Trumpet Case

Watch Trent Austin of Austin Custom Brass discuss the Getzen 900DLX.

Hand lapped nickel silver
Sterling siler
4¾” sheet & sheet copper
Intonation Aids
First slide saddle, fixed third slide ring
Nickel silver, 7C
Special Features
Solid bronze valve section, art deco bell engraving, lever waterkeys
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate