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M2003E Field Trumpet

Getzen M2003E Field Trumpet
This model has been discontinued.

Every day in America, approximately 1,800 World War II veterans pass away. These brave men and women risked their lives to defend the land they loved and yet as many as 75% of these heroes will not be given the honor of having Taps sounded at their funeral by a live bugler.

Bugles Across America is an organization dedicated to changing this trend by providing live buglers for the sounding of Taps whenever and wherever they are needed. Despite the availability of buglers willing to perform this solemn duty, there is a surprising lack of a proper instrument on which to sound Taps.

That is why Getzen is proud to introduce the all new American Heritage Field Trumpets. Together with B.A.A. and several of its members, Getzen has designed an instrument specifically designed for honoring our veterans. Proudly made in America.

Hand lapped yellow brass
Yellow brass
#172, hand hammered, one piece, yellow brass
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
Bright Silver Plate
Custom Etching Available
Tuning Slide