Peter Moore Joins the Getzen Team

Peter Moore

Peter Moore and his Getzen 4147IB Custom Reserve Tenor Trombone. Photo by Benjamin Ealovega.

I receive more than a few calls every day from musicians looking to tweak their instruments, either Getzen or Edwards setups or other non-Elkhorn brands. Sometimes these requests are a little more discrete, like an email, DM, or a conversation with a friend-of-a-friend.

I always look forward to helping anyone interested in performing on our instruments. So when the principal trombonist of the London Symphony Orchestra decided to start testing equipment, we were thrilled to be in the conversation. Fortunately for us, Peter Moore had tried a friend’s Getzen 4147IB Custom Reserve and was intrigued. I chose a 4147IB from that month’s production and sent it on a journey to the UK for testing. We had been making small adjustments to the 4147IB for 2022 (more about that later in another post), so the timing was as good as it could be for us.

I wasn’t holding my breath… testing in a performance hall can take months to complete. Peter performed numerous solo and orchestral works on the 4147IB. He listened to himself on recordings and took in peer feedback. Making a complete instrument change is not a small commitment, and Peter did his due diligence. We’re happy to say that the Getzen 4147IB did very well. As a result, we are pleased to announce that Peter Moore is a Getzen International Performing Artist.

Thank you for choosing Getzen, Peter. We are excited about what the future will bring.