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Getzen Recycles
All of our cardboard, plastic, and aluminum is bundled in-house and sent to a recycling plant in an effort to eliminate as much landfill waste as possible.
Improving from Start to “Finish”
At Getzen, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading quality and we are constantly striving to find ways to improve our products even more. In that effort, we have made two key advancements in our production. First is a new, cutting...
Nickel vs. Monel: The Battle Rages On
I suppose a better title would be “Us vs. Them”. Regardless, one of our proudest accomplishments is the reputation we’ve earned for having such great valves. Still, we’re asked why we use nickel plated pistons. Why not follow everyone else...
The Birth of a Handslide
Learn more about Getzen slide production by viewing our factory videos. Have you ever wondered how we earned the reputation of manufacturing the finest trombone handslides? It took years of experience, extremely high standards, and countless hours of handcrafting. We’ve...