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3062AF Bass Trombone

Getzen 3062AF Bass Trombone

All Getzen Custom Series Trombones are based on the best designs from the Getzen ProShop. Custom Series Trombones are designed to offer players the ability to choose between different bells and leadpipes. This allows the player to customize their trombone to deliver the desired sound and response. Custom Series Trombones are ideal for college music majors and top professional trombonists.

Custom Series Bass Trombones are available with either yellow or red brass bells. The professional weight hand slides are yellow brass with nickel silver end crooks and oversleeves. All Custom Series Bass Trombones come with three interchangeable leadpipes to enable the player to further customize the response of the instrument to meet any need.

Axial flow valves have revolutionized the playing of F and D attachments on the bass trombone. The operation of the valve keeps the air column entering the attachment relatively straight. This makes playing through attachments much like playing through an open horn. Getzen high performance axial flow valves are smooth, quiet and easy to maintain.

.562″/.578″ dual bore
Three interchangeable leadpipes
Tuning Slide
Yellow brass bow
Hand Slide
Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)
Yellow brass outside tubes with nickel silver end crook and oversleeves
9½”, 22 gauge yellow brass with soldered rim
Griego CS1
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
Independent, open wrap F/Gb/D attachment
2 axial flow valves
Bright Silver Plate
Hand Engraving
Custom Etching Available
9½”, 21 gauge red brass bell with soldered rim