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1052FDR Bass Trombone

Getzen 1052FDR Bass Trombone

Musicians who make their living playing bass trombones are well aware of the Getzen Eterna Series. From symphony to swing to school concert bands, the Getzen Eterna Bass Trombones continue to get the job done.

The 1052FDR, played by many professional bass trombonists and often seen in school bands and orchestras, is an independent rotor system where players are able to access each rotor attachment individually. It has an amazingly efficient dual gauge bell that gives it great projection.

Tuning Slide
Rose brass
Hand Slide
Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)
Yellow brass outside tubes with nickel silver end crook and oversleeves
Interchangeable Leadpipe (#2 Brass included)
9½”, 23 gauge red brass with unsoldered rim
1½G Trombone
Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
Independent, open wrap F/Gb/D attachment
2 rotary valves
Bright Silver Plate
Hand Engraving
Custom Etching Available